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My Kind Of Tie Competition: Pick Your Colour!

Here in the UK there is no better way to welcome summer than with vibrancy and colour – as we cannot always rely on British weather to treat us to heat and sunshine! At My Kind Of Tie we believe the perfect way for a gentleman to add a splash of colour to his look [...]

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Different Tie Knots

Think of ties and you may think of a single strip of fabric, perhaps with a few stripes or other inoffensive patterning, tied in a simple traditional knot around the neck. You might wear a tie to the office, or buy a special one for occasions such as weddings. But ties are actually one of [...]

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Whats new in ties for Spring/Summer 2014

For centuries now, the tie has been helping men look good and sophisticated. In recent decades, it has undergone various style changes to keep up with the times. These changes have sometimes been fleeting, but the tie has always remained as a singular line that goes down from the neck to the navel. However, that [...]

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