Windsor Tie Knot

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  • Windsor Tie Knot

    windsorknot imageThe Windsor is an alternative to the classic four-in-hand. It is popular for its wide symmetrical triangular shape, a stronger and more definitive statement than the smaller shape produced by the four-in-hand or even the half version. When tied, it does not slip or tighten, and space is maintained between the collar and neck, so it is very comfortable for men to wear; this also makes it more suitable for those with neck problems or that simply don’t like the feel of tight fabric around their neck. Popular for Weddings This style comes into its own in the summer months when weddings and other formal events call for a look that is a little more distinctive. Bold and well-balanced, the Windsor draws attention to the fabric and design of the tie itself, so it complements high-quality mens ties of the sort worn for special occasions. Silk fabric in plain colours such as gold, silver, blue, pink or ivory all looks more stylish than with an ordinary four-in-hand, while the patterning of geometric styles is also emphasised by the wide shape. Good Company Those who choose to wear this style are in good company. Members of the Royal Air Force and the Royal Air Force Cadets are required to wear this knot for their black tie when in uniform. It is named after the Duke of Windsor, formerly King Edward VIII, who preferred to wear four-in-hand knots with thicker fabric; the knot was created to imitate this style with normal ties. Wear with Cutaway Collars This style works particularly well with a cutaway collar, where the fabric is cut away towards the shoulder rather than towards the front. This draws attention to the neckline and there is more space to accommodate a larger wrap of fabric. My Kind of Tie Team.

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