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Five Ties That Know How To Work It

Are you thinking about giving your work look a quick, easy and stylish update? Well thanks to My Kind Of Tie you are spoilt for choice, as we have plenty of work-perfect ties that add that extra little spark to every gentleman’s wardrobe. To make your life easier however we have picked five ties that [...]

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Back To Work In Style With My Kind Of Tie

Leaves are falling, the evenings are getting darker, the days are slightly chillier and many of us are coming back from our holidays… Yes, summer may be coming to an end but autumn need not be a time of mourning, as at My Kind Of Tie we have just what a gentleman needs to go [...]

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The wide variety of ties

Ties are funny things, and many men feel that they are also quite personal. It’s quite easy for a man to walk into a shop and say ‘that’s my kind of tie’. This is because men get into a kind of routine with the ties they wear. For example, if you work in the corporate [...]

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The men’s bow tie

There is something about men’s bow ties. Some men don’t even wear them, and some have never worn them ever in their entire life. But it’s hard to deny that they are very stylish and a perfect accompaniment to a tuxedo, for example. However, there is some level of etiquette attached to the bowtie, and [...]

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Some tips on wearing designer men’s ties

If you are of a very fashionable persuasion, chances are that you have tried to buy some designer men’s ties in your time. In fact, we would hazard a guess, that there are plenty of designer men’s ties in your wardrobe. These things look great, and they are an essential addition to any wardrobe, especially [...]

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Some things to think about when buying boys ties

Buying a tie for a boy usually means one of two things. Either the boy is staring school, or he is going to a religious or formal event like a wedding or a funeral. Depending on the age of the boy, this task can either be one that is easy or one that is quite [...]

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Choosing silk ties for men

Silk ties are the best ties in the world. Men who buy silk ties are making a clear fashion statement. With quality and style all encapsulated in one item of clothing, the silk tie is most definitely the top of the range for anyone who wants to investigate and look further into tie fashion. Choosing [...]

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How much would you pay for the Perfect Tie?

Buying a tie is not necessarily easy, and it is sometimes a real chore to find the tie you want. There are so many high-street retailers out there that offer what they are happy to call ‘high-quality’ ties, and it is often nigh on impossible to find a retailer that has truly exclusive products for [...]

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