Go Print Clashing With Our Bow Ties

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  • Go Print Clashing With Our Bow Ties

    Here at My Kind Of Tie it’s no secret that we love prints in all shapes, colours and sizes. And whilst normally we would say one print at a time is enough for a gentleman, we also believe in stirring things up a little too. So why not go print clashing and wear one of our fabulous My Kind Of Tie print bow ties with a printed shirt? This fashion-forward trend will surprise you for all the right reasons, providing a quirky, highly individual look. Not convinced? Read these tips on how to pull off this unashamedly trendy and unexpectedly chic look like a true gentleman.

    Try stripes on stripes. A striped bow tie and striped shirt? It might sound like a stripe overdose but the key is to be playful with the choice of stripes – the more different in size, the more stylish you will look.


    Our Kobe bow tie will look dashing with a striped shirt.

    Or go for contrasting shapes. Dots on stripes? Florals on stripes? Chequered on chequered? If you get the colours right, it’ll look dashing.


    Our charming London bow tie proves that florals and stripes can work wonders.

    Clash the prints as long as the colours work. This is the main key to getting print clashing right – go mad with prints so long as the colour mesh up ties in accordingly. In other words, know your colour contrasts and find out what all the different shades of red, blue and yellow have to offer…


    Our Eddie bow tie will contrast beautifully with a print shirt that has navy or blue tones.

    Chequered shirts can make great alleys. Yes, it might seem unlikely, but in the same way that striped shirts can be the perfect base for printed bow ties, simple chequered shirts be a playfully chic backdrop.


    Our Trace bow tie will look bold and beautiful with a subtly chequered shirt.

    You can stick to similar and subtle shades. If it all gets a bit much but you are still keen on the print on print look, keep your bow tie and shirt choices simple by going for classic shades and subtle prints, both in the same colour palette – there’s nothing wrong with small dots and thin stripes.


    Our Franklin bow tie will stand out against a blue printed shirt thanks to its dotted print.

    We won’t blame you if you decide to stick to the plain yet classy look – shop our varied selection here and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more inspiration!



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