Designer Neck Tie

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  • Designer Neck Tie

    Designer neck tie

    They have been worn for centuries in various forms – even the Romans wore them. In their more modern form, we can trace their  origins to cravats worn by Croatian mercenaries in the Thirty Years  War of the 17th century. Louis XIV of France then helped set alight a    craze that spread throughout Europe.

    Roll on a few years. We have seen various men’s scarves, ribbons and cravats, but it was not until the early 20th century that the product in its most recognisable form as we know it today was born. Today it is a symbol of sophistication, elegance and style. But it doesn’t have to be staid or boring. 2014 is set to break new ground when it comes to setting trends.

    Be Bold in the Business Environment

    Recent years have seem somewhat of a backlash in certain industries when it comes to wearing them, but these have tended to be confined t to the more creative and artistic fields. In corporate business  settings, the men’s designer tie is still de rigueur and shows no sign of falling out of favour. On the contrary, the corporate look is set to be big news this spring and summer, so embrace it to full effect with bold pinstripes and elegant formalwear. No longer solely the preserve of bankers, this look is for anyone with the confidence to wear it.

    Mix the Elements of your Outfit with Precision

    Suave tailoring needs a correspondingly stylish designer item, of course. Bold neck pieces combine fluently with s strong, formal shirts, so long as two competing patterns are not introduced. Diagonal stripes are a solid choice, while dots and classic geometric shapes are another option. A good rule to remember is that at least one element of the mix, including suits and shirts, should be plain. So if you go down the pinstripe suit route, stick to a plain shirt or a striped shirt with a plain neck piece. Colour trends for suits and shoes are sharp and refined, with blue fabrics and black shoes replacing the brown brogues and tweeds we have seen in recent years.

    Always Consider Proportions

    Skinny ties are set to make waves with plain shirts this spring, but of course the rules of good tailoring still apply. Remember to consider proportions, including your suit fit and lapel width, when choosing a product.


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