Choosing the Right Wedding Tie

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  • Choosing the Right Wedding Tie

    weddingchoiceMen’s ties are a central element of traditional wedding dress, but choosing the right one can be tricky. How do you choose a tie that stands out for such a special occasion?

    Neck ties are the most popular option, and in My Kind of Tie, we have a range in size and style as well as colour and pattern. When it comes to colour, the groom may want to consider a classic plain silver or pale gold tie. Far from being gaudy, these convey a relaxed and sophisticated attitude. Other popular colours include pale blue and pale pink. There are no real rules to worry about; black is traditionally worn for funerals, but even this caveat is somewhat relaxed in modern times. Bear in mind the colours of the bridesmaid dresses, if applicable, together with buttonholes and the décor. You could also go for a patterned design, but it’s often best to keep things simple, perhaps with classic stripes or dots or a muted paisley.

    Wider neck ties have been popular in recent years, but skinny ties are making a comeback and are certainly on trend for those that want to be a bit different. There’s something nostalgic about the skinny and young, creative types especially are drawn to its distinctive appeal. Team it with a modern suit to keep your look sharp and fresh.

    And what of bow ties? Typically worn with tuxedos to the most formal occasions, this could be just the thing to wow the crowd. You could go all out with a classic traditional black bow tie or go down a quirkier route with coloured stripes or dots. Always remember to match the tie to the suit – a polka dot bow tie might look out of place with a sober dark suit, but you could team it with a fresh grey suit or hip blazer.

    Whether you go for the traditional wide tie, modish skinny or classic bow tie, or any other option, always remember that the tie is just one part of your outfit and needs to complement the whole. And practice your knots beforehand – Windsor and Half-Windsor knots make great style statements at weddings, but not all men are used to tying them on a regular basis. Windsor knots are best reserved for wide ties – skinny ties do well with either a simple four-in-hand knot or, for a more formal look, the Half-Windsor.


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